Fero Király

Fero Király is an author, performer, and teacher. He deals with art projects that extend to performance, sound art, installations, and interpretations of contemporary music, but also education in the field of music, musical composition, and sound art. He uses new frontier experimental positions, creates his own digital tools, and likes to collaborate on projects with other artists with a multidisciplinary focus. He was mapping the early works of minimal music by Philip Glass, most of which he premiered in Slovakia – from clubs to the two largest cathedrals. He is a member of the Cluster ensemble. Recently, he has been working on microtonality and live-coding with digital media. With his sound installations from the last period (Chronika and Vodná Hudba III), he deals with the themes of language, time and new sensitivity. At the JAMA, he will perform the Slovak premiere of the sound performance of Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room in collaboration with the German musician Hauke ​​Harder. He will also participate as a speaker during the Symposium.