Soňa Kúdeľová

Soňa Kúdeľová is a choreographer, performer and lecturer. Her work is inspired by everyday life and focuses on research and interpretation of internal thought processes during the course of life, while trying to look at the conscious and unconscious. It deals with the questions “why?” and “how?” in topics of socio-psychological adaptation. “Why not” answers offer her an open possibility of (deliberately unexplained) absurd interpretation. Her work focuses on fusions of art, so her solo dance performance is always complemented by a strong sound and visual component. She is the author of two solo dance productions – Autopilot (2017) and Autocorrect (2019). At JAMA – the 74th year of Milan Adamčiak she will prepare a movement workshop for participants and a group performance Sounds of Silence. (3x movement), in which she examines silence as a tool for listening and expressing the body, carefully watching its motivation for movement.