Martin Piaček (SK)

Martin Piaček is a sculptor and gardener, he works at the AFAD Bratislava as the head of the vvv Studio at the Department of Intermedia. In addition to his own artistic work in the field of sculpture and video, he also organizes exhibitions, symposia and international projects. He is a co-founding member of the civic association Public Pedestal, the KUBA platform and the DiStO exhibition format. Since 2017, he has also been taking care of an orchard in Rajka, where he lives (@figy_rajka). At JAMA – 74th year of Milan Adamčiak, he will give a lecture on “Perpetual Seduction of the South”. Where did the first thermophilic plants appear for the first time and how were they grown? What is the boundary for distinguishing the “authenticity” of individual species? What was the significance and symbolism of southern fruit in the past? Does it still have it even today? Martin Piaček will bring a subjective excursion into the issue based on unscientific associativity.