A nič nebude počuť. Aftermovie Tomáša Prištiaka.

The second – originally unplanned – edition of JAMA took place at the height of the covid season in the fall of 2020. Due to pandemic measures, it was conducted online only. The site-specific program was streamed from Parter BSC, Banská Štiavnica and the surrounding forests and meadows in the presence of artists, but without the participation of a live audience.


Štvrtok 22. 10.


17.00Martin Piaček – Orchard. A Brief Archive of the Gift.

Banská Štiavnica | Námestie sv. Trojice in front of Jozef Kollár Gallery

(opening of the exhibition, accompanying program of the festival)


Opening of the exhibition of the artist Martin Piaček, who spent part of September and October at the residence in Banská St a nica Contemporary. The exhibition will be available during JAMA and afterward as well. Entry is subject to compliance with current pandemic measures.

Piatok 23. 10.


(Banská Štiavnica | Parter BSC)


The Slovak premiere of Alvin Lucier’s well-known procedural electroacoustic composition and the world premiere of Suite for Toy Piano by Tomáš Boroš, and other. We are streaming live from Parter BSC.

Ivan Šiller: John Cage, Tomáš Boroš – Suite for Toy Piano

Marek Kundlák & several of the six: Liza Gennart – Jam results

Hauke Harder / Fero Király / Eva Vozárová:  Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In A Room

18.00Opening of JAMA – 74th year of Milan Adamčiak

(Banská Štiavnica | Parter BSC)


Virtual opening of JAMA together with the opening of this year’s curated works of art. Refreshments served only remotely in the form of artistic experiences. You can toast to JAMA 2020 at home in front of your screens.

Svätopluk Mikyta: Fungi Cyani (exhibition opening)

Sovereign’s Palace (exhibition opening)

Soňa Kúdeľová: Sounds of silence (3x pohyb) (performance)

13.00Svätopluk Mikyta – Fungi Cyani

(Banská Štiavnica)


Mushroom picking is an inherent part of M.A.’s movement in the land. The meditative silence of walking through the forest is interrupted by the joyful shouts of successful mushroom pickers. The random movement and random finding of a random amount and types of mushrooms is the starting point for a visual composition on paper, which will be the result of a solo performance by the artist Svätopluk Mikyta. We are streaming directly from the forest.

Sobota 24. 10.

14.30Unintentional wandering with M.A.

(Banská Štiavnica – Banská Belá)


Traveling through the countryside in the footsteps of M.A., direction: Banská Belá. This time you can watch it from the comfort of your home and watch us on the hills with dry feet. To increase the quality of the experience, we recommend wearing a raincoat and entering the shower in it / putting on sunglasses and going out on the balcony in them* + serving tea with rum (at least you, as we can’t).

*depending on the weather

Marek Kundlák: Jürgen Rendl – Traveller’s notes from the east of the region

Robo Kolář: Unquestioned Answers (a selection of graphic scores by Milan Adamčiak)


(Banská Štiavnica | Parter BSC)


4 x 20 minute talks about contemporary art, Milan Adamčiak and topics related to the festival. Discussion will follow at the end.

Guests: Martin Piaček, Jürgen Rendl, Hauke Harder, Daniel Grúň, Fero Király

Hosted by: Lucia G. Stach




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