Michal Bosák (SK)

Born in Banská Štiavnica, spent most of his life in Banská Belá. Since 2009, he has rented a pub below the municipal office, which locals know as the “U Michala” pub. Milan Adamčiak used to be a frequent guest, which led to the gradual emergence of friendship between them. “I first met him here at a time when he was supposed to move out of the village Podhorie. He ordered one small beer and a shot. He was deep in his thoughts, so I didn’t disturb him, I just wondered what a nice gentleman, who knows why is he here. Then he called a taxi and left.” After moving to Banská Belá, he started visiting Michal’s pub more often. Today, Milan’s photograph hangs on the wall of the pub as a reminder of this friendship and of Milan’s frequent visits. Michal likes to go to nature in the vicinity of Banská Belá, he spends his free time with friends, having fun. He used to paint in the past, but later gave up all his paintings. He will be one of the guests of honor at JAMA – the new album of Cluster ensemble 478 with music by Milan Adamčiak will be released at the festival and will be played in the jukebox in Michal’s pub.