Panovníkov palác (SK)

For Milan Adamčiak, the place where he lived the last years of his life was a social asylum, a refuge, and a home. Curators, friends, and art collectors followed the author on a narrow sidewalk lined with nettles. The author successfully ignored the discomfort of the dwelling without the conveniences of everyday life and called these few square meters “the Sovereign’s Palace”. After Adamčiak’s death, the property changed owners. With the planned renovation, the cottage will become a thing of the past in the course of 2021 and will remain only in the memories of all of us who went to see Milan. The exhibition, which takes place as an accompanying program of JAMA – the 74th year of Milan Adamčiak, will present the first phase of the Banská St a nica project, which initiated the creation of a cast, a kind of death mask of the characteristic facade of Milan Adamčiak’s cottage. The epoxy mold is a separate gallery object, at the same time a starting point for a “stele” – a (non)monument, which the initiators of the project plan to place outdoors. // Authors of the project: Zuzana Bodnárová and Svätopluk Mikyta // Technical and professional realization: Marek Halász // Organized by Banská St a nica Contemporary with financial support from public sources from the Slovak Arts Council.