Michal Murin (SK)

An interdisciplinary artist acting in the fields of theatre, music, and visual arts, where performance, action, conceptual art, and sound art prevail. He has been active on the art scene since 1984 when he started with small stage forms and subsequently moved to theatrical performances and alternative theatre. He was a member of the group Labyrinth II, which formed the non-verbal, movement, experimental theatre Balvan 1987 – 1992. In 1989, he initiated the samizdat edition of a translation of a part of the book Performance Art by the American theorist of performance art RoseLee Goldberg. Since the end of the eighties, he has been making musical, conceptual, and theatrical performances. Since the nineties, he has been working in the field of visual arts, focusing on digital media. At the same time, he is the compiler and co-author of the four-volume monograph on Milan Adamčiak I – IV (2011 – 2016) and co-curator of the Milan Adamčiak’s retrospective exhibition at the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava (2017).