Monika Čertezni (SK)

Dancer, choreographer and scientist. She graduated from the Conservatory of Eva Jacz, was a member of the ballet ensemble of the Slovak National Theater and studied the pedagogy of modern dance at the Music and Dance Faculty in Bratislava. Later she worked in dance and theater groups and worked with renowned domestic and foreign authors – among others, e.g. with the Stoka Theater, Petra Fornayová, Marek Piaček, Jozef Vlk, Martin Burlas, Jodi Kaplan or Pauline De Groot. She is a founding member of the Neskorý zber (Late Harvest) group. She has several authorial projects (Blue Moon, Zlet, O as Schlemmer (Reloaded), CityZen a.i.). She is currently a theater researcher at the Theater Institute in Bratislava.