Ivana Rumanová (SK)

Ivana Rumanová is a cultural critic, worker, and anthropologist. She has worked as a curator at the Nová Synagóga Žilina and is a member of the editorial board of the magazines Kapitál and 3/4. Lately, she has been interested in the financialization of art and urban development, non-human alliances that go beyond mere trends, forms of resistance against rampant development, destigmatizing left-wing thinking in the context of Central Europe, labor movements, and organizational platforms for cultural workers.

At JAMA 77, she will deliver a lecture titled Do We Need New Art or New Institutions? in which she will discuss the reasons and the current urgency of the debate on art and culture as work. What has caused this urgency? Is it the death of the utopian dimension of art in terms of its transcendent mission, or, on the contrary, the resurrection of the utopia that claims that art and life can intermingle? What are the possibilities for organizing workers in art and culture? There are many questions and little time, but we should also touch upon the emerging Slovak initiative with the working title Poplach (Alarm).