Jürgen Rendl (SK/AT)

Jürgen Rendl occupies himself with researching the periphery and marginal knowledge. At the same time, he works as a radio editor. Driven by curiosity and constantly on the move, he absorbs and occasionally intervenes in the marginal fields of life. He initiated the art-research project Stadlnova, based on the concept of a fictional suburb between Vienna and Bratislava. He regularly participates in cultural and artistic initiatives in the broader region. Since March 2022, he has been primarily focused on supporting his friends in Ukraine. Occasionally, he publishes his travel records under the alias suburbandrifter.

On the occasion of JAMA 77, he will spend a week in Banská Belá as part of the first manned crew of the premiére JAMA (micro)residency, along with visual artist and musician Richard Hronský. During the residency, they will explore and respond to local and non-local holes and pits and other phenomena, do a lot of walking, and even a bit of hitchhiking. They will present the outcomes of their residency as part of the main program of JAMA 77.